Pine is the most popular choice in 

material when choosing gates. 

It's easily worked and is very cost






 Being a softwood, Pine is very versatile and is ideally suited in the

 construction of large gates where weight may be an issue. 


                                        Large Pine Trees  Pine Grain  Pine Cone





Kept well treated with a good quality,solvent based preserver, Pine will give you many years of trouble free use.





           The natural beauty of Oak lends itself to both contemporary and                traditional design .                                                                                                   A renowned "symbol of strength",  Oak has an easy charm that                   produces long lasting, durable  gates. 





 We manufacture our full range of gates in Oak as well as bespoke  designs for individual  requirements. Heritage and Grade listed a  speciality.Contact us for advice and costing. 







 Sapele is an imported hardwood native to tropical Africa and is 

 reminiscent of Mahogany in colour and grain. 





 It's a popular choice if you are wanting the qualities of hardwood 

 without the expense of Oak.

 Sapele is also a very stable timber largely due to it's straight almost

 knot free grain.